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140322-2497The Defining Moment…

June 8th 2003, the date that I witnessed the ‘bubble’ within which I lived.

The bubble I am referring to is the conceptual framework of thinking from which I directed my daily living. I did not know the importance of coming face to face with the thought system until I started to question its necessity and significance.

The past decade I have come to fully know and understand:

1) the content of ‘my’ thoughts and the obstacles that prevent intelligent creating.

2) the mechanism of thinking and how it operates practically and personally in daily living

3) observe the usefulness of thinking in terms of knowledge and problem solving, finally

4) discover ‘my’ passion and start to create by living the very passion itself.


Discovering My Passion

Although, I have been teaching since I was twenty-five years old I have actually been a student all my life. I have always had a passion for learning  ‘new’ things, some leading to gaining qualifications and some ‘dipping my toe’ into the basics- languages, travel, cooking, computers, writing, photography, spirituality, meditation, fashion, music, art etc. I am still asking ‘how’ or ‘why.’

My passion presented itself when I started enquiring into the mechanics of learning five years ago. I read copious books on the scientific aspects of the brain and psychological aspects of memory and learning from babies into old age. Still further, I enquired into the obstacles to learning- fear, lack of motivtation or interest, low self confidence, and finally the role of the education system.

Having gathered all this second-hand information I now turned to philosophy and my passion gained its own momentum as I learned about the significance of learning and life itself; that true learning led to creativity, intelligence, holistic living and healthy relationships based in real-time. Most importantly,  I learned to investigate life independently of others. The knowledge I had gathered may have started the ‘thinking’ about my passion but at some point I began to live that passion- no longer ‘my’ passion but life’s passion.

Unravelling the Mind is about discovering your passion through structured discussions in small groups by unravelling the thinking that prevents creating an interesting, independent, holistic confident life. Self- knowledge is the key to uncovering what really makes you excited about living. Once the flame of passion has been seen then living it is all there is to do.

It is not enough to simply live life we have to delve deeper to find out what life itself is and what learns about life.