Have you looked around your community and thought how isolated and segregated we all live and only on occasion connect? Have you noticed as you walk through your town how everyone is busy going somewhere important to do something very important, only stopping briefly to catch up? Have you observed the loneliness as you watch the elderly, the mothers, the unemployed, the addicts all lost and invisible to the rest? Have you battled with your own loneliness and isolation? Have you wondered why we notice all this but rarely act in order to change and contribute to making our community in some way more interactive and interrelated?     


       SELF-INTEREST and FEAR are the root of our lack of action!

The underlying fact is that self-interest drives us and fear sustains this self-interest within us. Self-sufficiency is our motto!

Unravelling the Mind is asking you to act; to contribute FREELY and to help establish a more integrated community by offering your services to help educate young adults holistically.

Unravelling the Mind is looking for volunteers to establish itself here in Ruthin.

Unravelling the Mind wants to set up the following schemes in Ruthin:

  • Volunteering- Offer your service freely to those who need it.
  • Befriending Scheme – Have a cup of tea and a chat with a neighbour who needs company.
  • Environmental Scheme- start up a community-based scheme which involves looking after our environment.
  • Mentoring Scheme- Don’t retire from your skills, share and pass them on to the young.


            Call or email to share your ideas!

     What can you offer to make this happen!