Setting aside biological depression, which is caused by the imbalance of certain neurotransmitters, could fear be the root of depression?

Setting aside physical fear, which is healthy to keep the body from harm, could psychological fear be crippling and paralysing the human mind? All of us, regardless of age, gender, culture or wealth, share these hidden inner psychological fears, flipping from one opposite to the other…

fear of being humiliated/ not being noticed

fear of being seen as inadequate/ making the right decision

fear of being used/ not valued

fear of unhappiness/ losing the happiness we have

fear of a meaningless existence/ being seen as selfish

fear of being a nobody/ losing fame and fortune

fear of being rejected/seen as being demanding or needy

fear of failing/ maintains success

fear of the unknown/ seeing the false as false

fear of financial loss/ not having enough

fear of being lonely/ leaving an unhealthy relationship.

fear of not being loved or enough/ loving too much

fear of losing our job/ freedom to do whatever job we like

fear of losing faith/ blind faith

fear of experimenting with new things/ leaving one’s comfort

fear of violence/ letting go of resentment and disappointment

fear of death/ living

fear of fear/ seeing the truth

fear of the addiction/ giving up the addiction

fear of punishment/ expectations and disappointment

Humanity Is afflicted with these inner psychological fears and sadly from these fears we inflict suffering upon others and ourselves.

It isn’t surprising that a black gloomy cloud weighs so heavily within and around us, leaving us feeling unable to get out of bed; leaving us mentally and physically paralysed and inactive in daily living. Can we free ourselves from this? Yes, Yes and Yes.

Often enough, facing the fear, not alone, but with the help of family and friends is a start to freeing the mind from the infestation of fear and freeing the body to self-care.

Talking to others honestly and openly about our fears is a step closer to understanding the cycle and nature of fear.

Taking the time to question our fear and its existence outside of the mind whilst we go for a walk or chat with friends.

And more importantly, taking the action that is necessary for change to occur.

And, having no expectations of being free of problems allows us to deal with problems as and when they arise.

Living and learning about our mind within relationships is a step away from fear.

Fear isolates, Love relates,