Do You Know… You are an angry person!”

Come, come, what have I just seen within these words that – I hadn’t before?

SOMETHING has pierced through; no power within it anymore.
Neither agreement, nor disagreement nor feelings of insult nor downtrodden acceptance, not even the welling of salty self-pitying tears nor heated flush of embarrassment.
Come, come no reaction, not once, nothing at all.

Do You Know… You are an angry person!”

Externally, these past three years saw days passed in discord and calamity.
Feuds on drunken nights erupted in volcanic despair,
Appalling behaviour framed as retaliating defences.
Dear God, we are living so – called loving. Excuses galore!

Do You Know… You are angry!”

These same three years brought mighty changes – a new area, new home, new job, new partner – but carried forward the same old baggage.
Internally, isolated – no family, no friends, no spiritual meetings, no sponsor, no program, no friendly voice; only my own which disrespectfully ravaged all that was afresh, anew into stale old- what’s the point, I was right, I told you so.

Do You Know… you are anger !”

My my, the tone… It’s Demanding!
My my, habitual… Keeps Repeating!
My my, self-righteous.. Such opinions!
My my, conflicted… Dualistic!
My my, authoritarian… Extremely idealistic!

Do you know… Anger inside”

This inner voice, at the core too powerful. It stung with criticisms and reasoned with righteous indignation. Still it was MY voice- not some separate entity- It was THE only one I solely believed in.
Terrifyingly, it too was the voice I lived with so suffered with – I desperately protected, defended MY voice.

Do You Know… Silence is Inside?

What a gift that day to have no voice instead melodious clarity. It dawned so brightly; illuminated before me, this voice was secondary merely reactionary; always trailed behind my true primary nature.
To feel the truth undeniable, irrefutable natured truth that freed my nature from the illusions of this reactionary noise.
What a gift that day to have no voice instead, an open heart, in came flooding, clarity anew, without my voice shouting, demanding or foretelling.

Do You Know…”

No searching solution, no seeking for answers instead a flooding of revelationary questions; Isn’t it more important to notice this secondary voice? To glimpse its tone!
Isn’t it more daring to challenge this voice? To note its habits, reactions and motives!
Isn’t it essential to inventory its morals? To face hidden fears
Isn’t it fundamental to listen to this voice? And not react.

Is this what the ages call inner freedom!

Do you know… of lately “ She said

“There is a softening within you and towards you, these days”