There is no ‘I’, no ‘ego’ that is doing anything.

Having conceptualised thought as belonging to an ego, we go on to attribute agency to that which has no actual existence apart from imagination. we begin to attribute all kinds of thoughts to this ego rather than to imagination. we accuse our-self and others of being ‘egotistical’, and by doing so further the illusion of an entity that has agency.

We create the illusion of some entity within that is ultimately responsible for our actions. This entity then takes the blame for and covers up the real source of thoughts and actions – which is always imagination.

There is no ego, only imagination. The sooner we see this the sooner we will stop attributing reality to the false products of imagination and the sooner will imagination stop reacting to itself.

The imagination attempts to make sense of what is and by doing so enters into what is and creates all kinds of confusion resulting in psychological disturbance that expresses itself through action. It then imagines it can fix its self-created problems in some imaginary future in which everything will be just ‘the way it should be’ – according to imagination.

There is no future within which anything can be fixed. If it isn’t fixed now it will never be fixed’, no matter how much we continue to imagine it will be.