The purpose of existence is love. All that really needs to happen is for LOVE to awaken to itself as LOVE.

This LOVE never experiences pain. It is the ego that seems to experience such in it’s search for existence. But the ego is no more than a false psychological thought system. It is comprised of meaningless images that represent nothing.

The image of ‘I’ represents nothing definable in this moment. The image that ‘my’ mind holds of ‘you’ is not you. There is nothing that these images point to, nothing that they index. They are meaningless. It is our thoughts about these images that appear to give meaning to them.

We seldom notice that this ‘I’ refers to nothing, and we contiue to protect this ‘I’ and define the meaning of the world in relation to it. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves experiencing constant confusion and pain? As long as we keep defining the world in relation to that which has no actual existence we can have no understanding of what existence actually is – LOVE.