Have you, with sadness, thought when did my child stop listening to me?

When did they no longer care for my advice or idea?

At what point, did they switch off and stop communicating with me?

It is a bitter pill to swallow but most teenagers will say that adults ‘just don’t listen to us,’ and this is true.

Adults having MORE EXPERIENCE, MORE KNOWLEDGE, know best!

This is the dividing thought! The idea that prevents the art of listening. And open, affectionate, observant listening is the only key to communicating again.

Unravelling the Mind wants to explore the nature of listening and communicating that goes on to deepen our relationships. The wholeness of listening is impeded by thought, by experience, by knowledge, by being right.

Unravelling the Mind wants to discover, with others, what happens when the obstacles that prevent listening no longer create a division between us.

Unravelling the Mind wants to investigate meditation, silence, and quietness in relationship to listening and communicating.

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