Flickr8314929977_4d7e817d68_hMost of our education is the gathering of knowledge which make us more and more informative.

Consequently, our minds then function along these narrow grooves whether it be scientifically, politically, psychologically, in business or technologically.

Our daily living, at home and outside it along with our particular career make our minds more and more narrow, limited and incomplete, undoubtedly, resulting in a limited, uncreative, unfulfilled fragmented life.

Most people are naturally aware of this but unfortunately accept it and live with it. Is this the mediocre life we want to pass on through education?

Demanding Excellence from Ourselves

  • OrsayCan we educate our learners to demand excellence from themselves?
  • Can we teach them to see the beauty that emanates from actions that exceed mediocrity?
  • Can we encourage students to examine their behaviour and to understand the source which prevents excellence from flowering?
  • Can our students be enterprising in volunteering to raise excellence within their own community?

…I say YES!

What is Excellence?

  • Excellence is not being skilful, talented or a genius.
  • Excellence is not living a good life according to some pattern.
  • Excellence is not rewarded nor is it applauded.
  • Excellence is not attained, achieved nor cultivated.
  • Excellence is not a moral, ethical, right, wrong judgement.
  • Excellence is the natural flowering of your own passion in life and seeing the well-being in living it.
  • Excellence is the absence of self-centredness in action


Investigating Through Group Discussion

To come upon genuine excellence we must ‘give time to understanding it, experiment and play with it, enquire and question it; live with it for some time and digest it so that it is yours.

Unravelling the Mind is about helping learners to explore the nature of the mind and how it functions rather than simply be driven by it.


We want to help them to understand the necessity of excellence and what prevents the natural expression of it.

We want to help them explore the mind from a perspective that allows them to see for themselves the mechanisms that promote excellence and to make the connection for themselves between excellence and well-being.

We are willing to participate in such investigations with students.

Are you willing to inspire students to meet excellence by participating in this exploration?


‘Unravelling the Mind’ is looking for a school or college to pilot its programme of meditative study with staff and students.

Please contact us for further information

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