Time, effort, money, intimacy and energy are my principle barriers to self-forgetfulness. I am too busy with my workload. I feel drained from my workload. My workload requires all my effort. My work is my income and we must watch what we spend and save for the future. I am too preoccupied with work for intimate walks, talks, cuddles, love and affection. I have deadlines; I have targets; I have goals; I have a to-do-list to finish.

I am too immersed in me to notice you!

I am on holiday. I am free to spend time with you. I have energy to go for walks, to talk and laugh; I am able to be intimate and want cuddles in front of the TV or on the beach and to share love and affection.  I make the effort to notice how you dress, what you say, how you behave, what makes you smile, laugh and comfort and I remember how much I love you. I like to spend money on little trinkets, meals and short day trips.

I am immersed in us and have forgotten myself in being with you!

Can I find that balance between work and holiday? The balance between self-preoccupation and self-forgetfulness?

I need only to make the decision to be willing each day to immerse myself in we and let time, effort, money, intimacy and energy be that which I share with equanimity.