Is ‘self realisation’ nothing more than a myth, an unattainable achievement for the human being or is it the sole purpose of our very existence?

Some argue there is no ‘self’ to realise. The ‘self’ being a mental construction of thoughts consolidated into a concept. That there is no ‘self’ making decisions, having choices or using free will. Once this very idea of self realisation is dropped, it’s all seen.

Others say that in realising the ‘Self’, the very ‘self’ drops away. The recognising that the very images one has of oneself are false and so discarded. Seeing the ‘self’ as a mother, sister, friend, partner, writer etc are mere ideas of the ‘self’ and in realising that these images are not real, we reach the realisation of the Self.

Does it really matter? It’s all a bunch of words. You ‘are’and it’s all happening without ‘you.’