Students_Leaving_Central_High_School_at_End_of_School_Day_-_Little_Rock_-_Arkansas_-_USADearest Students,
Unravelling the Mind is set up solely for you!
Why? Because the need for ‘self-understanding’ is mostly and deeply felt during the teenage years and this is the window of opportunity to study oneself.
We love our parents and favour some of our teachers but they seem to want us to focus on passing exams and getting somewhere in life but we also wish to engage in the conversations about life and relationships; conversations that help us to find out what life is all about. We so desperately want to talk about:

  • the anxiety of the future,
  • pressures and workload,
  • fear of failure, humiliation and loss of respect
  • feelings of low self-confidence and low self-worth.
  • feelings of indecision, making the right choices and self-doubt
  • feelings of sadness, isolation, loneliness and depression
  • frustration, irritation and anger

We want to share our concerns but feel inadequate and silly to air them. Who would want to talk about these things without thinking we need to see a ‘counsellor.’ Am I the only one that feels this way, I ask?

Unravelling the Mind wants to investigate those questions with you; explore together the source of inner conflict; discover through discussing what life is, offers and it’s dynamic nature. Most importantly, to unearth the deep moving passion of life (which is free of fear and self-importance) to live rightly.