Teacher In ClassroomDear Teachers,
As teachers we are more than ever aware that intelligence has nothing to do with passing examinations, nor creativity to do with imitating another. Yet, we as educators are trained to carry out teaching everyday as if that were the case.

The passion with which we entered our teaching career is ever dwindling, and teaching becomes more mechanical and dull while classroom and behaviour management encroaches on the teacher-student relationship.

Our passion, our love for teaching and our subject is replaced by coping and managing within the system and getting results. We are and feel as lost to this system as much as the learners.

The significance and importance of education has been compromised and vastly diluted. Reforms, positive approaches, new educational theories, and curriculum development are the solutions thrown at us but to no avail. We are still facing the same problems- cumulative fears, unhappiness and frustrations of which we are not free. And these same problems are experienced by our learners.

How can we, individually, as educators bring about a holistic change in ourselves that proves to excite and revitalise us which in turn energises the learners to participate and engage with us.

I offer you questions to ponder.

  1. How do you escape from the inner conflict, dissatisfaction, worry, stress and fear in educating?
  2. Is your well-being dependent on your performance?
  3. Have you entertained the ‘deeper’ meaning of life in terms of education?
  4. ‘You teach what you know, but educate what you are.’ What insight does this quote reveal to you?
  5. Are you aware of the ‘hidden curriculum’ in teaching that has more significance for learners?

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Yours Sincerely,