Deep within us all is that sense of awareness which perceives the hypnotic effect of the mind. The hypnotic pull of the mind is all because of the mistaken belief and mistaken identification to the existence of a ‘me’ as an individual person with a unique personality.

We remain entranced and entrenched within this ‘play of life’ as this ‘individual me’ until some tragic event, unexpected sorrow, overwhelming fear, depression, loss or breakdown causes an inner collapsing, breakdown in thinking, or a strong feeling of ‘I don’t know who I am anymore or what life is about’.  We are no longer hypnotised…. And, when that sense of awareness deep within is strongly felt, ever present, ever still, and full of life, full of energy and abundant love, the trance is lifted completely.

When one begins the enquiry into ‘Who Am I’  that which asks this question has glimpsed the hypnotic nature of the mind and in glimpsing this has seen deeply that there is a force, a subtle but immovable energy, that no longer feels fully identified with the ideas of who I think I am and so raises more questions such as:

Does the ‘me’ exist without thought?

Stop thinking, and where is the so called ‘me’?

Is the ‘me’ separate from thought, or does thought create the ‘me’, who then identifies with thought when convenient, and separates itself when disgusted?

The ‘me’ is made of many thoughts which have become identified as who I am as a person. So, the thoughts produce the ‘me’, not the ‘me’  produces thoughts.

When the mind is still, there is no ‘me.’

What we all are is simply here; right here!