Youth centreDear Youth Club Workers and Leaders,

I’m jumping in with both feet and taking that leap of faith in explaining what it is that Unravelling the Mind has to offer the young people that attend your centre.

In a nutshell: ‘setting their minds free from fear’

What a tall-order, you may be thinking, this is. And yes you are right, it is challenging but not impossible.

Through facilitated discussion in small groups on topics such as:

  • Conditioning, learning and thoughthow our ‘thinking’ has an impact on us everyday.
  • Fear, the past and futurelinking the fears of the past and projections into the future.
  • Ideas of ‘becoming’ and timeunderstanding the difficulty in gradual self-improvement.
  • Observation, listening and actionhow these natural states reveal our hidden intentions and motives
  • Meditation, intelligence and creativitydiscovering our natural state.
  • Purpose, meaning, life and death- finding our well-being in living our passions.

the young begin to investigate the most important thing ‘their life’ and what that means in relationship to everything within and around it.

Self-enquiry and self-knowledge is the root to understanding the deeper aspects of themselves and their relationship to the world.

Talking, discussing, questioning, thinking, sharing and learning all lead the way to understanding oneself.

Yours Sincerely,

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